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Q: What is your address and telephone number?
A: Our address is Spenard Hostel International, 2845 West 42nd Avenue, Anchorage, Alaska, USA 99517. Our phone number is 907-248-5036. We no longer have a FAX, it's the 21st century :). Our E-mail address is Stay@AlaskaHostel.Org.

Q: What are your front desk hours? When can I check in?

A: 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM
24-Hour Check-in with advance, confirmed reservations.

Q: What does it cost to stay? Is there a bed tax? Do I have to have a membership to stay at Spenard Hostel?

A: The price is $33 per night - cash or check or credit card. If you pitch your tent on the lawn, the price is $22 for the tent and one person and $15 each for everyone else in the tent, up to 4. We have one tent that you can borrow if it is available. Tenters enjoy full use of all the hostel facilities. Hostel guests renting bunks in dormitories in Anchorage are exempt from paying a bed tax. You may find bed tax at other hostels in Alaska, however.

Q: How do I make a reservation and what is your cancellation policy?

A: To make a reservation we need a credit card number with expiration date and CVV security number, or prepayment. You can call us with this information, you can use this Secure Reservation Form, or you can mail us payment in advance. We take personal checks too. If you need to cancel, we ask for as much notice as possible, but you must notify us no later than 11 PM TWO nights before the reserved date or you will be charged for that night’s stay and if you don't show up and don't notify us, all other reserved dates you may have will be canceled. Unfortunately we must charge your credit card even if your non-arrival was not in your control. We recommend travel insurance if this is a concern. Additionally, we always recommend making reservations directly with any hostel. Going through a 3rd party only increases costs to the hostel and you know it has to be passed on to the guests.

Q: Are there age restrictions?
A: There is no maximum age. However, persons traveling alone must be at least 16 years of age and children under 12 cannot stay.

Q: Do you have a curfew or lockout time?
A: No, but we do enforce a quiet time from 11PM to 7 AM. During this time, lights out in the bedrooms, no TV or radio, no loud talk, no kitchen use, laundry room use, and if you must shower during this time we ask that you be as quiet and respectful as possible. Staff all live on site and can be very cranky if they don't get their beauty sleep. ;)

Q: What are the sizes of the rooms and how are they set up, do you have private rooms?

A: The rooms are all dormitory style and are either 4 or 6 person rooms, although one is a 7 person. None of the rooms have double beds and none are rented as private rooms, but we do allow groups traveling together to reserve a whole dormitory room, if one is available. The dormitories are mostly separated by gender, however we do allow a limited amount of shared gender co-ed/couples space at no extra charge. Let us know what you want when you reserve and we will try to work with you. Bathroom and shower facilities are private, home-style, but are still shared.

Q: Is there a maximum stay?
A: Yes, in the Summer our maximum stay is 6 days per 30 days. This can be extended at times, but don't count on it.

Q: Do you have pillows, sheets, and blankets available? What if I want to use my sleeping bag?

A: Yes, we have linens and blankets provided free for our guests. Sleeping bags are no longer allowed. Alaska was bed-bug free in the past, but they have been seen in Alaska lately. Thus, we don't allow sleeping bag use anymore and expect to be asked if you think you could have been exposed to bed bugs. We are VERY proactive in keeping them out and will help you if you think you may have been exposed. Just let us know, we will quietly do the rest.

Q: Do you have towels available?

A: Yes, we have towels for rent for $1.

Q: Is there parking available? Can I bring a pet?
A: Yes, we have parking available that is off-road and located in our lot (which is in front of the hostel), for no additional charge. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU NEVER PARK ANYWHERE ELSE BUT OUR PARKING LOT. IF YOU CAN'T FIND A SPOT, SEE STAFF. DO NOT PARK ON THE ROAD OR IN ANY OTHER LOT. Pets may be allowed if they stay in your vehicle in the parking lot and are quiet. Pets are not allowed in the hostel.

Q: What is the earliest I can arrive and what time is check-out?
A: 8 AM, but your bed may not be available until 1PM. Check-out is by 12 noon. Often, planes and busses leave at times where it is desirable to stay later. If you wish to stay later than 12 noon, we have a day rate. For $10 you can stay as late as 11 PM, although with no bed. It is required that you stayed the night before to get a day rate. If you have stayed with us before, but not on this trip, the cost for a day rate is $15. You do have full use of the facilities. If, on your last day, you want to just leave some of your things here while you are out and come back ONLY to pick up your posessions and leave, that is allowed and there is no additional charge.

Q: Can I arrive later than 11 PM (2300h)?
A: Yes, but you must have a confirmed advance reservation. On your first night's stay, if you arrive after 11 PM, you will find a note on the stairway banister just inside the front door with your name on it. The note will tell you where your bed is and you can register in the morning. If you are leaving before the office reopens, there are payment envelopes located on our Front Desk with instructions on how to make your payment. On subsequent nights, you can come and go as you please, just remember to observe quiet time.

Q: What if I just want a shower?
A: We charge $5 and it includes a towel. Showers are free - and encouraged ;) for guests.

Q: What about chores and do you offer work exchange?
A: We ask everyone, when they check in to sign up for a 5-minute chore and then complete the chore by noon the next day. We will find you something you can do that night if you are leaving early. We understand that schedules do not always permit chore time, so if you can't help we understand. But if you do have time, please help out. It is what keeps hostels affordable and clean and was once the norm. In this our 30th season, go retro and sign up for a chore. Staff will be so grateful.
Occasionally there is work exchange available, you can ask. If it is available you can exchange 3 hours of work for a free night's stay. Some of the rules are: You must be approved to do this work and the work must be acceptable. The work must be done in advance of the free night (or you can pay and then be reimbursed) and must be completed between 8 AM and 4 PM.

Q: Do you allow tenting on the property?
A: Yes. You must camp in the back yard, not on the front lawn. The cost is $22 for the tent space with one person. Each additional person is $15. The maximum number of people in a tent is 4. If you stay anywhere on the property (even in your car in the Parking Lot) you must be registered and pay.

Q: How far are you from the airport and downtown? How can I get to the hostel, the airport, the university, the train station and downtown? Do you have shuttle service?
A: We are about a mile and a half from the airport and 3.6 miles from downtown. To get to and from the airport, you will probably want to take a taxi. The cost of the taxi should be $8 to $10 and 4 people ride for the same price. Ask us for details. Make sure they are taking you to Spenard Hostel and not one of the other Hostels. Some drivers would prefer to take you elsewhere because they are much further away and they can charge you more. There is some bus service to and from the airport on bus 7A - which is 1 block from the hostel. You can check the PeopleMover web site for up to date information. To get downtown and to the train station, you can take a taxi or the number 7, 7A or 36 bus which leaves from about 1 block away and take you directly downtown in about 20 minutes, cost is $2.00 per trip and they do not make change. The number 36 outbound bus also stops about a block away and will take you directly to the university in about 15 minutes.

Q: Are there places to eat nearby? How about a place to buy groceries?
A: There are several places to eat within walking distance from the hostel. Both sit-down style and fast food. There is a 24-hour grocery store about 1.4 miles away and a small convenience store only two blocks away. We have created a great map of our Spenard neighborhood that details everything within walking distance, and we would love to give you one at check in.

Q: Is there storage available?
A: Yes. We have inside lockers that you can use on a space available basis. We have locks for sale for $5 - or you can bring your own. These lockers are for use by current guests only and are free during your stay. We have general storage which is only accessible during Office Hours. This is for guests who want to leave things while they travel or for guests with a lot of stuff. This is free too while you are staying. While not staying at the hostel, prices are juar $2 per day ($5 per week) per bag for a backpack-sized package. Any items left behind are given away each May. While rare, thefts in hostels do occur, use of our storage is at your risk, neither Spenard Hostel nor Staff are be responsible for items lost or stolen. Please protect your belongings.

Q: What is your group booking policy?
A: Groups of 8 or more must pre-pay in full at time of booking. Reservation changes or cancellations are allowed up to 1 month prior to arrival. After this time, no refunds will be given.

If we have left anything out, let us know! Thanks!