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Now Hiring for position opening mid-September.

Position: Houseparent

Spenard Hostel International is looking to fill two positions with friendly, outgoing Houseparents to work and live at our busy hostel. Housing is in a private room on site. These are part time jobs, in the evenings and can be set up as simple work exchange. Preference will be given to people interested in continuing into next summer. In the summer it is a full-time job. We are looking for someone to start around Mid-September.

In the off-season Houseparents work 3-4 hour shifts, 2 to 6 shifts per week from 7 PM to 10 or 11 PM. Work is on a set schedule, with days off always coupled together, leaving you time to make plans and accommodate other jobs. Duties include taking reservations and assisting guests at the front desk, cleaning, enforcing rules, and generally helping to keep the hostel running smoothly. Those who have previous experience working or staying in hostels or generally have a passion for travel are a great fit for this job. Excellent customer service skills are a must, as are computer savviness and knowledge of social media. We encourage teamwork and innovation so applicants with a creative bent are encouraged to apply!

To apply, please Email us at admin@alaskahostel.org for an application which we require in addition to any CV/resume and cover letter you would like to include. We look forward to hearing from you!