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Winter Community begins Sunday, September 24th! We have private and dorm style accommodations available, call or e-mail us for pricing and application if you're interested!!

Winter Community

Some people spend a Winter in Alaska just to say they have. Others stay here because of the fun, camaraderie and low price. Some actually have Winter wonderland fun and enjoy the loooong nights. We all enjoy the chance to see the spectacular Northern Lights. What will your reason be?

During the off-season (Mid-September through Mid-May) we offer monthly and weekly bed space at highly reduced prices. We still have the Hostel going, but Winter Community allows you to stay a long time and its very affordable. It's a classic example of communal living. We share in keeping the place clean happy and safe. We often have sit down dinners together and watch TV or play games or go out together. Please note that not everyone can join Winter Community. That may sound a little harsh at first, but living together in the Winter requires "get along" type people and people who willingly share in the work.

While Winter Community is not for everyone, to many of us we'd never want to stay anywhere else. And we have folks who come back year after year.... I guess that says something. Contact us if you would like more information.